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Things You Should Know Following A Truck Accident

Trucking accidents often leave victims with serious, sometimes life-changing, injuries. After medical care has been sought, you may not know where to turn next with your truck accident claim. At RJS Law, our attorney is here to help you with the next steps in your effort to recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Who Is Responsible After A Semi-Truck Accident?

How are the semi-truck driver and commercial carrier held responsible for the semi-truck collision? Well, because of the Michigan no-fault statute, there are limitations on when you may hold the semi-truck driver and commercial carrier responsible for their carelessness.

The semi-truck driver must be more than 50% at fault for the crash. If this is the case, you may hold the semi-truck driver and commercial carrier responsible only if you or a loved one has been injured, and that injury results in lost wages for a period greater than three years. You may also seek accountability if the injuries were fatal or if the injury results in a serious impairment that impacts a person’s ability to lead a normal life. This is a complex determination that looks at how an injured person’s life has changed as a result of the injuries from a crash.

Unfortunately, death or serious injury is the most likely result of a crash involving a car and a semi truck. Because proving fault is an important part of holding the semi-truck driver or commercial carrier responsible in Michigan, it is necessary for anyone charged with protecting your interests in the matter to begin collecting information about the crash and the driver of the semi truck as soon as possible after the crash. You need to hire an experienced Michigan attorney to protect the rights of you and your family as soon a possible.

Dealing With Trucking Companies And Insurance Providers

Many commercial carriers will send highly-trained investigators who are on staff with the trucking companies, or insurance investigators, to the truck accident scene within hours of the crash. Their only job is to reduce or lessen the trucking company’s “exposure” or legal responsibility for the crash. Remember, you are not negotiating on level ground when dealing with a trucking company after a wreck. Accident claims resulting from truck accidents are a normal daily operation. These adjusters represent the truck company, not you.

Obtain the individual’s name and the company he/she works for or represents. If you are able, take a picture of the person. Further, while the family of the accident victim is tending to medical and hospital care and/or funeral arrangements, the trucking company is investigating the accident and building their defense. Do not give them any statements or sign any releases for medical records or employment records. Often, the medical release allows the adjuster to talk to the doctors without you or anyone else being present.

Legal Counsel Is Essential

Trucking accidents are different from other vehicle accidents because of the federal laws that govern the trucking industry. Federal regulations require that certain evidence must be maintained, but only for a limited amount of time. For example, the truck driver’s log may be destroyed after six months if an attorney does not obtain a court order or take other immediate action.

In addition, the trucking company may attempt to steer you away from legal counsel, because trucking companies know that if you have an experienced attorney, you are more likely to receive fair compensation. Do not discuss your accident with anyone unless you have attorney representation, as anything you say may be used against you later.

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