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Experience And Passion Pave Our Road To Success

As lawyers, we believe firmly that the law should be a tool for good. Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely have this same sense of right and wrong. When our clients come to us, we hear stories just like yours: insurance companies denying or undervaluing the settlements so necessary for recovery. We do not tolerate unjust, unfair treatment.

At RJS Law, we believe people take priority over companies. We will fiercely represent you throughout your recovery. Whether you benefit most from negotiations or from litigation, our firm is here to advocate for you. Reach us today online.

How Can A Personal Injury Case Help You?

When evaluating a fair offer, our firm looks at more than your immediate need. We also incorporate long-term costs, such as:

  • Your medical needs after the accident, including emergency room and diagnostic services
  • Long-term recovery tools like rehabilitation, surgery or accessibility aids
  • Compensation for your inability to work or otherwise provide for yourself

As you recover, you will face challenges. Whether you sustained injuries in an automobile crash, on a motorcycle or due to a truck collision, your medical treatment can become very expensive, very quickly. With our help, you can substantially increase the value of your settlement.

You Can Achieve Equitable Treatment

Are you struggling after an injury? You may be feeling vulnerable, but the legal system provides respite. Our firm focuses on comprehensive care for the injured. Email our firm or call us at our office in Wyoming, Michigan, by dialing 616-532-1666.