Most of us like to believe that dogs are, indeed, Man’s Best Friend. However, the reality is that dogs are also animals, and can attack. 

Nobody wants to be the victim of a dog bite. Understanding how to avoid dog bite often comes from understanding the body language of a dog. According to Petful, understanding how to deal with a dog in an aggressive situation can help you avoid injury.  

Watch for children 

One of the most important things is to keep an eye on children when you are around dogs. Most dog bites come from animals that the person knows well, unfortunately. It is just that in certain circumstances dogs can revert to their more animalistic ways and become aggressive. 

Children are less likely to be able to recognize this. Particularly if a dog happens to have a toy and is growling, the dog should not be approached even if the child knows the dog. Crucially, if the dog has been a rescue dog in the past, you do not know exactly what the background of the animal is. It is possible that the dog could become aggressive with little provocation. 

Do not be aggressive yourself 

Many people have heard that the best way to get a dog to back down is to act aggressively, but this depends on the proclivities of the dog. It is true that some dogs will flee from you if you act aggressive, but aggressive posturing on your end could potentially make the dog more aggressive towards you. 

It is better to always try to de-escalate the situation. Do not make eye contact with the dog, and try to leave the area.