When Michigan drivers like you hit the road, you anticipate getting to your destination safely. Unfortunately, because of the unpredictability of other drivers, that may not happen. Today, we will take a look at broken wrists, which are just one type of the injuries drivers like you suffer from every day due to the actions of other motorists.

Mayo Clinic discusses everything you need to know about a broken wrist, including how badly it can affect your daily life. The wrist can be broken in a number of ways and the severity of the break can differ as well. For some breaks, the damage is painful but the hand is still functional. For other breaks, the damage is so severe that you may be entirely unable to use your hands. Because of the amount of bones in the hand and wrist, it also isn’t uncommon for a broken wrist to require surgery in order for the healing process to go smoothly.

Additionally, broken wrists can take a long time to heal. Most people rely on their hands to do their work, no matter what that work might be. If you are unable to use your hands freely, you very well may be unable to work. This means you may have to take time off to recover, which can lead to a reduction in pay. The combination of expensive medical costs and a cut in the income you see could be a painful combination.

You shouldn’t have to be left dealing with the financial, emotional and physical burden of broken wrists due to a car crash. Consider learning more about seeking compensation for these pains you have suffered from.