After a car accident, the injuries may leave people fighting for their lives. Prompt medical attention is often the key to preventing further harm. When someone dies as the result of another’s wrongful actions, surviving family members may have a case for a lawsuit to receive financial compensation and a sense of justice.

In a recent crash reported by, the driver of one vehicle died and his wife sustained life-threatening injuries, while the driver of the other vehicle suffered a broken leg. According to law enforcement, the man who allegedly caused the crash made comments and acted in a way that led investigators to believe he acted intentionally in ramming the other vehicle from behind.

The driver at fault for the collision did not call to report the accident or leave the scene. Another person called 911 to report that there may have been a crash after seeing debris in the roadway, but that call occurred three hours after surveillance cameras caught the crash on video. When rescue workers arrived, the driver was alert, but did not cooperate when law enforcement asked questions about the crash.

Law enforcement has not yet received results from the blood tests to determine whether alcohol or drugs may have been factors in the crash. They believe road rage may have triggered the incident. The woman has not yet regained consciousness, and may not survive.

When a crash is intentional, family members of the deceased may also receive punitive damages in addition to compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of support and other damages. Many people choose to consult with an attorney about how to file a lawsuit to receive a just award for their losses.