The coming of winter brings additional challenges to motorcycle riding. The icy roads make it a problem for motor vehicles of any size to stop, and if you are on a motorcycle, you face an added risk of injury if you collide with a car or truck.  To stay as safe as possible while you ride your motorcycle on Michigan roads during winter, it helps to keep certain things in mind.

Forbes points out that sometimes it is best not to hit the road at all if you are on a motorcycle. It depends on how bad the weather is. Many motorcyclists are capable of riding on roads with icy conditions or in chilly winds. But a snowstorm increases the danger. It makes it much harder to see around you, and you have to figure that other drivers are facing similar challenges. When conditions deteriorate too much, waiting it out may be the better option.

In the event the weather is decent enough to ride in, your tires should be in good shape and properly inflated. Also keep in mind that cold weather makes it harder for your tires to gain traction. In normal weather, tires heat up after you start riding, which creates traction and helps you maintain tighter control over the vehicle. Riding at a slower speed can help mitigate the problem of less traction when the weather is cold.

Motorcycle riders need the proper gear to stay warm. The cold can decrease alertness and make it harder for you to concentrate and maintain tight control over your bike. According to Cycle World, motorcyclists have various options to stay warm, like clothing made to withstand the wind. These include clothes made up leather or textile designed to seal areas of your body like your wrists or waist to keep wind out.

Another option is to use electric riding clothes. There are gloves, vests, socks and grips equipped with heating mechanisms that can be hooked into the electrical system of a motorcycle. Electric clothing should come equipped with a rheostat that regulates the electric current. Additionally, putting in a windscreen on your bike can help supplement the ability of your winter clothing to keep you warm.