A motorcycle crash may be brought on by a number of causes, whether a driver gets behind the wheel after having one too many or a collision occurs because road conditions are poor due to heavy rain or some other weather-related factor. These factors are responsible for a lot of the motorcycle collisions that take place, but there are many other hazards to watch out, including those which are less common. For example, bad signage (or a lack of signage altogether) can play a role in an accident.

There are many examples of bad or missing signage. Sometimes, cities are well aware of a particular problem with respect to signage, but they fail to take action in a timely manner, which can lead to a fatal crash. Signs may not be located in the right place, or they may be obstructed by a tree limb. For example, if drivers are unable to see a stop sign or another vital sign, this can be very dangerous.

If bad signage played a role in a motorcycle accident that you were involved in, you may need to consider additional measures as you try to recover from the wreck. For example, it may be smart for you to consider legal action against the other driver, depending on their role in the accident, and you may also want to hold those responsible for inadequate signage accountable as well.

We know that litigation can be tough for motorcycle wreck victims who are having a hard enough time with their recovery. However, the financial resources many can obtain by filing suit helps considerably.